The clean solution for municipal waste


The municipal waste in OECD countries has as an average over the last decades increased by 2-3 % per capita and annum in spite of efforts to reduce the growth. The world growth is even higher.

An ever increasing global demand for electric power.

These are two of the environmental problems of today and where the reCulture process can form part of a solution.

Direct incineration and land-filling are the primary methods of processing domestic waste today in many countries. The most popular new approach involves extensive sorting at source, incurring costs in educating the public and increasing waste transportation costs. The alternative, manual sorting at a waste transfer station, drastically increases the cost of waste management, as well as introducing delays, health risks and emissions.

The reCulture process accepts a wide range of wastes, automatically sorts out recyclable fractions and produces a clean, high-energy fuel.

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